Thursday, July 31, 2014

Ohana Aina Cafe

This little restaurant escaped me for several years. But I'm glad that I finally found it. They specialize in good home cooking with a Hawaiian focus. It's a family run place which I always enjoy supporting!

Ohana Aina Cafe

Yes they have Spam.

I'm sure it's happened to you too while walking around Japan. You can walk the same route everyday and not notice things, maybe because there is so much to see! Perhaps if Ohana Aina Cafe had a bigger sign with their name on it I would have noticed it earlier. But it's located right at the intersection of Blue Street and Hwy 16 so how it was missed is a bit of a mystery.

Even just now as I'm reviewing the photo above, I see a traditional American mailbox, a fire extinguisher, and a tiny little chair. Don't know how I missed that either.  It just proves there is so much to see in Japan. You have to stop and look up, down, left and right to process the culturally rich environment that is Japan.

Garlic Butter Shrimp plate - 1241 Yen
Having lived in Hawaii for 13 years I consider myself qualified to comment on "plate lunches" of Hawaii lore. Ohana Aina Cafe warns you: They make their dishes from scratch and with care, so it will take some time. Now the wait was very reasonable and it was worth it. While you wait you can have some of the free tea or coffee they offer if you order over 600Yen of food.

You can see from the photos they look delicious - おいしいそうです! I really want to go back to try some more of their offerings.  I received a good number of very tasty shrimp on my plate. Maybe I could have used a teensy weensy (Japanese translation: teensy weensy) bit more coleslaw - as I really love it as a side dish to compliment the umami of the main dish.


Shoyu Butter Ahi Steak with Mochiko Chicken Combo plate - 1241 Yen
The combo plate was pretty substantive and made up for the tiny bit of coleslaw. I was very happy with these dishes - and believe them when they say they take great care preparing your dish.

Coconut garlic butter shrimp prepared by Arisa

Mom Yumi, Daugher Arisa, and Miku! I'm not sure why the pumpkin is on the Hawaii wall. I will have to find out.
As I mentioned this is a family run place. Their visits to Hawaii inspired them to open the restaurant which is decorated with Hawaiian paraphernalia and Kona brewing company beer. Ohana means family in Hawaii. Not just your immediate family, but your friends and neighbors too, in an extended sense of the word. Aina means "land."

As you can see below they have a perfect English menu and Mom speaks pretty good English. I don't know if Arisa and Miku speak good English but Arisa is a pretty good cook! and Miku has a T-shirt with English on it. Miku is a great server and you can tell from her smile has great energy for life.

The family also operates a small restaurant call Aloha Mai Cafe by Otsu Station. Their website is here: 
They have breakfast offerings so maybe give them a visit on weekends when they are open at 0900. Check out the menus of both places on their website. Oh and I almost forgot to mention - they take U.S. Dollars too!

Find Ohana Aina Cafe on the Blog Map.They are right on the South side of Hwy 16 near the corner of Blue Street and Hwy 16. So close - so give them a try!

They get the Aficionado Seal of Approval!!


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